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Telecom & White Pages History
Louis Leon Pajothorse carriagesPortail Cremerie de Parishistoric Bell Logo from 1889Alexander Graham Bell, inventor of the phone
The expression "White Pages"
is almost as old as the phone. Alexander Bell invented it in 1876 (picture on the right).
In 1878 came out the first Telephone Directory listing phonenumbers in New Heaven, USA.

Soon followed the seperation of Phone Directories
in White Pages (Search by Name) and Yellow Pages (Search by Activity)
The expressions appeared the United States, Canada and France at the times of the construction of the Eiffel Tower.
One of the many legends of the name's origin is a printer run out of white paper.

White Pages are not the invention of a single phone company.
White Pages first existed in English speking countries
and soon the name got translated in other languages
(Pages Blanches / Paginas Blancas / Pagine Bianche / Weisse Seiten)
Today the "original english name" has spread around over 100 different countries
and the expression "White Pages" has become an International standard
In it's original English version it is the most used expression for phone directories worldwide.

The Eiffel tower always fascinated telecom pioneer
Alexander Bell and Thomas Edison were both fascinated by it

phone logo
Arrival of the Phone in Russia
In Russia the first phonelines arrived in 1882.
Alexander Palace (the imperial residence)
and the Grand Hotels were the first places to get a phone line.
By 1883 Russia had about 1.000 phone lines.

The American Bell Telephone Company had signed a 20-year contract to install and operate
telephone networks in St. Petersburg, Moscow, Warsaw, Odessa, Riga and Lodz.

By the times of the Revolution in 1917 0,5% of the Russia population had a phone,
while in the UK it was 2% and in America 10%
The Swedish inventor and phone manufacturer Lars Magnus Ericsson contributed a lot
to the development of Telecommunications in Russia.

Russian White Pages in 1916
Russian White Pages in 1916

In 1924 the first automatic phone switch arrived in Russia
and was set up at the Kremelin.

Russian White Pages in 1930
1930 copy of the Moscow Phone Directory

In 1964 Russia got a one digit phone code +7,
USA/Canada are the only other countries in the world
to have a one digit country code.
All other countries have two or three digit country codes.

Cremerie de Paris were registered at the Cremerie de Paris.
The Cremerie is a place full of history ...

At the exact same spot was located - centuries earlier -
the Postal Service in the Kingdom of France (1671 to 1738).
La Poste was a private company operated by the Pajot and Rouillé family.
From the mansion were organised 800 post offices, connected by horse carriages
and situated all around France but also in Rome, Venice , Genoa and Turin.

But at that time Russia would have been to far from Paris.
Stamps did not exist yet.

The first picture above shows Louis Leon Pajot, once the owner of the left part of the Cremerie de Paris building.

Cremerie de Paris in 2000Internet LogoCremerie de Paris in 2003
At the dawn of the Internet, 1995 Cremerie became the home of the first Internet Cafe in France
Phonebook of the was invented there,
followed by Phonebook of

The cafe was giving some internet lessons to some older people ...
One of the students was Aimée de Heeren,
according to the legend once the secret First Lady of Brazil.
Back in her youth, she had known both Bell and Edison.
She was fascinated by innovation and sponsored the idea to register the "White" domain for Brazil,
followed by many other countries.
The registration process was other very complicated and sometimes
the domains were blocked byDomain investors that were not developping them ...

Today all you need to find a phone number is "White Pages" + the local internet code of a country ....

In 2011 Cremerie de Paris converted into an Brand Expo Center.
White Pages around the World enhance the exposure
of the many spectacular Pop Up Stores and Very Beautiful Brand Presentations.
They follow each other
in the historic building located near the Louvre Museum
in the heart of Paris
and in the heart of the history of Tele-Communications

By 2012 Russia had 42.9 million land lines
and 261.9 million mobile lines.
The total number of cellular telephone subscribers make Russia
the 5th most popular country in the World for mobile phones.
Concerning fixed land lines Russia has the World ranking 5.
(source CIA World Factbook)
created at the Cremerie de Paris,
a Pop Up Expo Center
and iconic Communication

Nike Barber Shop

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